Kitchen Plans

When Daniel and I were dating he [boldly] showed me a home on the farm and told me what his grandpa would oft tell him: “this would be a great place for you and your Suzy to live.”  Besides the thrill of knowing that this cute fellow had future plans for our relationship, I was quite put off by by the home itself.  First impressions matter, and unfortunately my first impression of this house was the outdated kitchen.  The two-toned cabinets, mismatched appliances, and carpeted floor just did not jive well with me, at all.  As Daniel and I dated further, were engaged, and married, I dreaded the day that I would call that house my house.

Fast forward a few years and sure enough, that very kitchen is my own.  Now that I am more familiar with the house I have realized that my first impression was very skewed.  This is a great home, with solid bones, and a comforting spirit about it.  My faulty judgment was based entirely on one room: the kitchen.

My kitchen, which I neglected to clean up in my excitement to rip it apart!

When we moved in I had a mile long list of things I wanted to fix-up, much of which were projects associated with the kitchen.  However, I felt like the kitchen projects were  more labor intensive and expensive than the other to-dos.  So, the kitchen got put off until the living room was painted, the walls decorated, and as we settled in generally.

One day I found myself with some downtime, and knowing that school (both the school I work at, and my college classes) was to begin soon I figured that I needed to at least start on the kitchen.  The glaring problem in my kitchen are those cabinets, so the first chance I had I took down all of the upper ones and destroyed them in my backyard did a quick sand, paint, and prime.  Doesn’t it look so much better already? As I complete the lower cabinets I will be sure to tell you all how I painted them!


As I go forward, I think I will continue with small updates.  While its going to take some time to achieve the kitchen of my dreams, my kitchen will be functional through it all, and I will be able to pay for these small projects as they come  With that being said, there are plenty of small updates left, including:

Upper cabinets 

Lower cabinets

Install cabinet hardware

Paint the walls

Update the backsplash

Paint/replace countertops

Replace carpet

Do…something with the beige power strip-paint it?

Find a better doorbell cover!


This list may or may not be all inclusive.  As I am sitting in my kitchen writing this I keep looking at the white fridge, black dishwasher, and stainless steel microwave thinking that something needs to be done there-and while I’m hesitant to paint those it is still a real possibility.

My goal is to complete one project per month, and hopefully have a pretty kitchen by next spring/summer! With that being said I better get to work on this months project!  What small steps do you plan on taking to update your kitchen (or bathroom/bedroom/laundry room…)?

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